Creating Global Connections to Myanmar's Cultural Community

Your gift today provides opportunities for children, artists and their families who have been isolated from the world for over 40 years during a military regime.  By giving the currency of your heart, you are contributing to:

  • distributions of essentials such as food, clothing, schoolbooks
  • educational programs for school-age children
  • cultural diplomacy to educate the world about Myanmar
  • life skills training for young women

Thank you for you kind thoughts and generosity.

Discover the World.

Make a global connection to the culture and people of Myanmar as a source of spirituality, generosity, compassion and kindness.

Give Your Heart To It.

Open yourself to the moving story of Myanmar’s past and gain inspiration by its emergence into the future.

Do Good. Feel Good.

Share your own resources to contribute to the birthing of a nation in the global community.